High School

High School Camp: June 22nd – 28th
We take our High School students to Wildwood at Hume Lake. Wildwood is a discipleship camp for students who wish to push themselves beyond the familiar into a world of exceptional devotion to God. Set in the back forests of Hume’s property, Wildwood emphasizes overcoming obstacles and learning to discipline oneself in response to the challenges of life. Registration for Wildwood is now FULL – there is a waiting list available through Robbie.

RCF Youth

RCF Youth exists to pursue truth, relevance, and community in Christ. We desire to live a life aligned with that of Christ as an offering of Worship to God. Using Jesus as our example we seek to embrace the people around us, showing them the love and truth, which is Christ. Ultimately, our goal is to allow the kingdom of God to be shown through our lives in every way.

Soma Youth Service

Sundays 9am - Youth room at RCF
Soma is the greek word Paul uses for “Body” when we are identified together as the “Body of Christ” (1 Cor 12:27). Both jr. high and high school students gather Sunday mornings during the 9am service as One Body within the youth ministry to Seek God and worship our Savior, Jesus Christ. Join us for worship music, connecting with other teenagers, and a message from Pastor Robbie.

RAD groups

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm (During the School Year) – Youth room at RCF
Mid-week we get together with both jr. high and high school students and explore the Bible’s relevance for their lives. We discuss how to become a disciple of Jesus, learning toLove Others more and more. RAD stands for “Relational Authentic Discipleship.” Our small group leaders strive to lead those groups by that standard, know the students, be real with them, and live life with them as Jesus showed us how to.

S.L.E.D Leadership Team

Fridays 5:15 – 6:30pm – Bryan Household
S.L.E.D stands for Servant Leadership Enrichment and Discipleship. This time is set aside for students who desire to serve as a leader among their peers within the youth ministry and develop their leadership skills and talents to Impact the World. We meet every Friday at 5:15pm for group time and eating dinner together at Pastor Robbie’s house. Contact Pastor Robbie for more information.

Youth Worship Team

We are always looking for students who are talented in the area of playing music and singing. A large part of our Sunday morning youth service is worship through music. If you are interested in helping us lead worship through singing, playing an instrument, or even working the sound board and computer, please contact the Youth Pastor Robbie Bryan for more information. (Rbryan@rcfnv.org)

Contact: Robbie Bryan, Youth Pastor

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