During this challenging time…

Join a Virtual Community Group

During these uncertain times we are all needing a sense of connection and community.
All of our RCF Community Groups have gone “virtual” and are still meeting weekly! This is such an important time to invest in meaningful relationships, open up God’s Word together, and grow in our faith. If you would like to join an existing group or be a part of a newly forming group, please contact Janell Chinn, Pastor of Community Groups at jchinn@rcfnv.org


RCF Community Groups

At RCF we recognize that genuine relational connection, spiritual growth, and pastoral care are best achieved in a small group setting. Our Community Groups are designed to be a place where all three of these needs can be most effectively met. Our Community Groups are also designed to reflect both unity and diversity. Twice a year, every group will track together for a period of time as we more deeply explore the content of the Sunday sermon. For the remainder of the year, the groups will be covering varying study materials or will continue with the sermon-based study. There is also great variety in the make up of each group. Single? Married? Young? Empty Nester? Are you exploring Christianity or new in your faith?

There is a place for you…


For more information on how to get involved, please contact
Janell Chinn, Pastor of Community Groups/Women
at 853-4234 x231 or email jchinn@rcfnv.org.