Foundations is a series of lessons designed to explore what we as the body of Christ at Reno Christian Fellowship believe. We created Foundations to help us grow in knowledge, as well as gain internal motivation and practical skills for daily spiritual living. Whether you are a new believer in Christ, or have been following Him for many years, Foundations is a valuable experience for everyone.
Who Should Attend FOUNDATIONS?
Hundreds of people have already gone through Foundations. We are asking all those attending RCF to participate. Though the lessons stand alone, they are designed to build on each other.  Please make every effort to attend all the sessions. (Those who missed lessons during the last series can make them up this time.)
What happens at FOUNDATIONS?
Our sessions are designed to be engaging and connective. There are at least 4 presenters each week, and every table has a leader who will guide small group discussions. We learn, we have fun, we get to know each other, and as always… we eat!

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FOUNDATIONS For more information, contact Cheryl Pierce at 853-4234 or

Childcare is available by reservation.