Marshall Drake
Pastor of Worship

Everyone worships. Sometimes we worship people or things or ambitions and desires. But when we worship God, we fulfill His purpose for our lives…

Marshall joined the RCF staff as Pastor of Worship in June 2009. Marshall grew up in a musical family where he learned to worship at an early age. His brother gave him his first hand-me-down 6-string when he was 11 and has been playing ever since. Marshall loves everything from Bach to rock! He started leading worship for his peers in junior high and took his first unpaid job as a worship leader in 1985. Since then Marshall has been a worship pastor at four different churches.

Marshall studied speech communications at Biola University and church growth at Fuller Seminary. Marshall and his wife, Kelly joined the staff at Church Resource Ministries in 1985 as home missionaries. They were heavily involved in church planting for 10 years. They transitioned from para-church ministry to full-time pastoral ministry in 1997. Marshall grew up a military brat and a missionary kid. So mix it all together and you get a guy who loves Jesus, loves the church and wants to help others grow in relationship to the Lord.

Marshall and his wife Kelly were married in 1983 and they have three grown children, Jonathan, Michael, and Lauren. They are all married and between the three of them have given Marshall & Kelly 5 beautiful grandchildren. Marshall and Kelly have lived on both the east and west coast and they can honestly say – they love Reno!