RCF Kids Covid-19 Reopening

September 13th, 2020
We are excited to announce that on Sunday, September 13th, we will begin to reopen our the Sunday morning ministry to our kids. There will be adjustments to their time in class to keep them safe and you can read about those in our Reopening Plan Here. You will need to RSVP through our Sunday RSVP system. Those are sent out by e-mail every Wednesday. 

We care about kids a lot! But our focus doesn’t stop there. We know that when parents win, that trickles down to kids. We love parents, and we’re here for you!


Research tells us that the best way to make something stick for life is to start young. Why wait to give them the most important message they will ever hear?


Church is meant to work like a big extended, loving family. We want to give every kid the opportunity to experience a community that knows them by name.

During COVID-19 Closure
We recognize that the COVID-19 crisis has caused a lot of challenges for many. We also believe this to be a great time to engage our kids with God’s Word and to become stronger as a family. Here is what we are providing for you to help your kids’ grow in faith during this time. 
1) Weekly Curriculum Videos: Provided through our Facebook page and our parent e-mail list (sign-up by e-mailing Rbryan@rcfnv.org
2) Curriculum Activity Supplies: We will provide 2-3 activities per week for each of our age groups starting at Pre-K. If you wish to have us prepare supplies for you in advance, you can e-mail Rbryan@rcfnv.org and tell us your kid’s ages. These supplies will be ready for pick-up every Friday morning at the church office. 
3) God Time Papers: Within our weekly e-mail that sends our the curriculum videos we will also include the God Time papers for our Pre-k and Elementary age kids. These are papers to lead them in daily activities to reinforce the Bible story and stimulate continued learning and application. They might need your help with them, but after a little while, they will be able to do these on their own if they are able to read. 
With any of these, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Sunday Morning
(When Services Resume at 9:00-10:30 AM, & 11:00-12:30 AM)
Some call it “Sunday School”, some call it “Kids Church.” We’re not really stuck on a name, but what we are stuck on is giving God’s Word to kids at their level!
During each of the Sunday morning services we provide  deep, Christ-focused experiences that draw kids into the story of Scripture where they find the God of the universe who loves them more than anyone else. Download the “Parent Cue” app from your App Store and sync it up with RCF. You’ll be able to follow along every week with what your Kids are learning. 
We believe that every child (even 2 year olds) can experience Jesus in a way that piques curiosity and kindles their inherent desire to discover Him.
We offer safe, clean, and loving experiences for…
Pre-K Kid’s
K-1st Graders
2nd-3rd Graders
4th-6th Graders
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